Training Camp!

So the first 10 days of my China adventure were spent in an English Language Camp in the Mentougou district of Beijing. As you can see from the view from my classroom, it was properly in the mountains!


Very inspiring view for the 3hour classes I had in the morning! The schedule was insane: teaching 8.30-11.30, Tefl class 2-5 and activities such as mandarin corner, calligraphy and tea art in the evening until 9pm. Then lesson planning for the next day began!

It was hectic and we really were thrown in the deep end but I learnt so much, and after coming up with lessons for a class of mainly boys at the last minute I really did progress quickly!


Class 1!

By the end of camp the kids (generally the girls) made me a lovely bracelet to bring luck and a paper lantern to decorate. Happily both made it to Shijiazhuang safely 🙂




Aside from teaching I really made good friends with the other assistants, and bonded over the excessive playing of communist music (from 6am), the insane schedule and many many games of mafia!



(See mum I can make friends!)

The last photo we look a little wet because we got caught in a minor flash flood…but thats a story for next time!


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