Day release

So training camp was intense. We worked solidly Monday to Saturday before we had a day trip to Tanzhe Temple,  which is on a site older than Beijing itself, and a local supermarket.

Naturally we were all raring to go and so excited to leave… until we realised it was an hour and a half on the bus so fell asleep after tour guide Dave’s speech.

Once we got to the temple we took off and explored. We saw really really old trees and huge cooking pots and spun the gold cylinder like everyone else.





Then we accidentally climbed a mountain. I know I know it sounds ridiculous but myself, Annie, Tom, Conor, Sam and Sam started walking up a steep path which we thought led to something. After sweating more than I have done ever before in my life, being overtaken by a Chinese man who kept yelling into the mountains and having lots of photos taken with Chinese people, we called it quits and headed back down. It was an experience!

After the mountain we looked at some turtles and I threw a bag into an old cooking pot for good luck, but then it was time to head to lunch and the supermarket.

Self serve beer went down well but in the supermarket me and Charlotte were filmed leaving which was slightly creepy. We found oreos though so looking on the bright side! By this point I really needed suncream so we ventured to the Chinese equivalent of Boots, where the entire staff followed us around insisting on helping us. When they brought me a sponge and body lotion I decided to crack out the mandarin and managed to get some nivea. At the check out they gave us free apple juice, so it wasn’t all bad!

Until the flood. Yep, the heavens had opened and outside the mall was a newly formed river standing inbetween us and the bus. Having no other option we all ran like maniacs to the bus and got absolutely soaking wet. My lovely white converse had nice puddles in them and my playsuit was dripping wet. All we could do was laugh, and hope the path home was clear!


Me and Charlotte looking slightly damp!


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