Falling all over the world!!

After our lovely expedition to the zoo (PANDAS!) we had an early morning ahead of us as we tackled the Great Wall of China.


Let me tell you, it is steep!!! I tackled the ‘easy’ side of the wall and felt ill when I got to the top. Great views though made the journey worth it….until I nearly fell off after climbing back down! But let’s be honest, it wouldn’t be me climbing anything if I didn’t get slightly injured!!


Taking a well deserved break!


We made it! This is the better photo-we had a fabulous photo taken by an Australian which had only our legs in it at a kooky angle!

In the afternoon we trekked around the Summer Palace…and I fell down again. This time quite badly – full on decked it. Naturally as I was crying on the stairs being comforted by fellow blondes Sara and Charlotte the Chinese tourists thought it was the perfect time to take pictures!

We didn’t have too long to explore the Summer Palace so me Charlotte,  Annie and Will decided to be smart and get a boat back.


Tour guide Helen approved!

In the evening a few of us decided to go to a bar in Beijing. We found one approved by Mao himself! 


After some nifty haggling we got cocktails all night for a happy hour deal. And so drinking commenced,  enhanced by the Australian visitor and a heap of Norwegian/Swedish men bringing shots!



A fantastic night was had, and I thankfully wasn’t too hungover in the morning!!



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