Farewell Beijing!

The last day in Beijing was another long and uncomfortably hot one. We did manage to sneak a sleep in before we visited a museum though which was much appreciated.


Museums are much easier to navigate and explore when you can read the signs and information! Most of the museum was pottery of various types and films in Chinese so not really my cup of tea.

After a minor photo shoot of around 10 minutes, Charlotte and I found the upstairs which had imitated the hutongs (traditional streets) which was cool to explore and relied less on information in a different language!!


In the afternoon we explored a Western mall and nearly died of heatstroke at the Temple of Heaven.



Once we’d cooled down and eaten authentic Peking Duck (tastes just like the ones in Pudsey) a group of us explored the hutongs.

I found some old style postcards, saw some people making sweets and drank in a bar which had popcorn as a snack!! It was a lovely last night with friends in Beijing….




…until we tried to get home after the metro had shut. We failed to flag a taxi for a good hour, even after sending the only mandarin speaker to argue with drivers! Once we’d finally split into 2 taxis, somehow my room key was abandoned in the taxi (there’s a theme of me leaving things) and the other taxi took twice as long to get back!!


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