Actual life in Shijiazhuang!

So it took me a while to get up to date on here but I have been living in Shijiazhuang for almost a month now and so far I absolutely love it!!!

There’s a big group of foreign teachers at my school so I’m not alone which is always good. We generally see each other most days and its nice to be able to talk to someone in the same situation and get ideas for lessons.


The first few days were a bit strange, it took a while to find my feet and because I had a week to settle in before teaching and especially for the first few days just did nothing but lounge in my absolutely huge bed and eat supernoodles. Once the lovely Italian teacher and our unofficial party rep Marta came back from visiting Shanghai she took us to a bar someplace where we met pretty much every other foreigner in Shijiazhuang!



A couple of days later her lovely chinese friend took us to an amazing restaurant which was all fancy and nice. Really helped me to settle in.


Teaching started a couple of days later, and for me went really quickly! Everyone else started on Sunday as a make up Friday day, but because I have Friday’s off and don’t start until Monday evenings I had plenty of time to brag to everyone! Unfortunately that means that I have 15 classes over 3 days, and I start Thursday at 7.55am and finish at 7pm. I fully utilise the 2 hour scheduled naptime at lunch!


The school is huge, 7000 students all wearing purple tracksuits. When they swarm out at lunchtime its hilarious to watch – like an invasion of tracksuited aliens!

In the first week of class I made the students write down what they wanted to learn. Amongst the usual topics of food, history and music were some standout students.


Best one was a 15 year old girl who is obsessed with cows! Not sure how I’m going to weave that into an English class…..

To celebrate completing a week of work some of us went to the weirdest bar ever. It was called Baby House Bar (not joking) and if you can picture everything relating to international bars and shove them all together, that’s slightly what it looked like….Needless to say we didn’t stay long, and went to another place which had a live band and pour your own beer.


After seeing a music video being shot of course!


At Hank’s I magically became amazing at pool and won a game resulting in free beer and a strange night hanging out with a scottish accented chinese guy,  a couple of lesbians who kissed my hands quite a lot, a lovely Filipino guy named Dick and a Chinese lawyer Izzie renamed Sergio.

On the way home, I may have left my phone in the back of the taxi…I absolutely did not have a breakdown and my boss does not bring it up every meeting….

More next time!


One comment

  1. fromplymouthtoswansea · September 26, 2015

    So great Daisy! Am glad you are having fun, keep blogging! 😀 xxx


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