The Return of the Phone!

Hello folks! Its been a while since I posted, I’ve been too busy exploring, teaching and holidaying! Good news is there’s much to tell!!

So I left off with my phone disappearing into the night in the back of a taxi. After Izzie magically calmed me down and messaged everyone, a teacher at my school stopped by the next day to basically tell me that it was probably lost forever. Great! Other people were slighly more comforting, especially Sean and Mery who stopped by with baked goods and sympathy. After a day of isolation I pulled myself together and explored a park near the school. The only word I can use to describe it is weird! It had a cool lake and pedalos and then really rickety looking rides and old Chinese people dancing everywhere. Plus paint your own money box.


As we enjoyed the lake, me Sam, Izzie and Thandie somehow looked like a pop group!

Then a wonderful thing happened….my phone returned after quite an adventure! It turns out that the man that got in the taxi after me picked up my phone and decided to return it. I had the business card of my boss in the pocket so he knew where I was employed. The man went to Beijing over the weekend, charged my phone in case someone called it, and rang the school periodically until someone answered Monday morning. Then a couple of hours later he was at the front gate with 3 others in a car, my boss and a photographer from the school and I had my phone back!!! So so so lucky.

After that exciting Monday, teaching for the week was relatively ordinary. I’m still getting used to the schedule but managed okay and only had to do some minor discipline.

On the Friday night we went out to a new bar called Fighting club (could not make up these names if I tried). Inside was an actual boxing ring and lots of masks, because it was a masquerade party at a fight club. Totally normal….


Getting served was an actual nightmare. Once I’d bought a beer they refused to give me the change so Marta and I were just stood there confused until the boss rocked up and sorted things out. Then, since the night wasn’t strange enough, I ended up being on a tug of war team against angry Zimbabwean women! Surprisingly my team won!! As a reward we got a bottle of probably fake peach schnapps and a roulette wheel of shot glasses. China continues to surprise me!



After a girly Saturday of shopping and western food, the teachers at my school decided to visit the zoo. Because pandas!

Shijiazhuang zoo wasn’t as good as Beijing, and the apes in particular were kept in dreadful conditions which clearly agitated them. One threw his body weight against the glass a fair few times. The rest of the zoo was okay though, and it was nice to spend a hot and barely polluted day outside.


Marta became the official photographer after the zoo trip! The best part of the zoo was the giraffes, you could feed them and get really close. For some odd reason Julian wanted to touch the tongue of a giraffe, but I was happy with just a selfie.


42 crew ♡♥




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