The rise of DaiSi

你好! 我叫 dai si!

(I don’t know the characters for dai si)

My Chinese teacher decided to call me Dai si. Unlike some of the other foreign teachers here who got names with meanings (personal favourite being blue sea), mine is just because of the syllables in my name. I feel less special….

So a few weeks ago Izzie and I helped check a friend of our bosses thesis. Deciphering the Chinglish was so worth it, because we got invited to a meal with her and her family. And her friends and their families. Via a sea of flowers and a teeny beach by the river. What an invitation!!!!


Chinese fam ♡

By sea of flowers, I mean literally hundreds of metres of flowers planted next to a road. This strange attraction proved to be very popular, with a bizarre number of people there taking photos. There was even what looked like a Shetland pony at one point!


Once we’d found a quieter bit and discovered that the Chinese don’t do toffee apples but instead some horrific sour bitter nasty thing on a stick, we discovered a tiny strip of beach, and as the children skipped rocks we avoided the needles and wrote our name in the sand.

And then it was time for lunch….

Clearly they had been forewarned that Izzie and I like barbecue as they took us to one and didn’t order spicy food. They did however order a lot of beer. Chinese people don’t usually drink out of the bottle but instead pour it into small glasses. When I first arrived I thought it was really odd. Until I discovered gambe, the tradition of downing your drink in a form of cheers. For this particular meal, the 4 men made us drink 3 times for each of them multiple times. Even counting the fact that the beer was weaker by the time we got back home (before 3pm) we were both rather drunk! Naturally we continued to drink which made for interesting conversations with some students when I was getting dinner…


Dai si and bao bao!!


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