Hippy Holidays!

One of the hardest aspects of living abroad is undoubtedly missing out on traditions at home. This feeling is intensified around holidays, and whilst I am fully in the Christmas spirit with constant Christmas music playing and doing Christmassy activities in school,  I can’t help but think about how different it is to back home.

Halloween was the first big thing to happen after I got to China. Luckily I’m not one for celebrating it at home, and some friends threw a party for it across the city. Thus I didn’t feel like I was really missing out. I dressed in a simple costume (hippy), was cold outside because of the weather and socialised. Pretty British really.



Christmas will be different though I think. Although I’ve spent a Christmas in Australia, I was still with family and whilst it was strange to be too hot on Christmas day, it was still a Christmas dinner with family (and the Alex’s)! But in China only the foreigners have Christmas day off and I’m pretty sure I won’t be able to find a copy Muppets Christmas Carol to watch after dinner. Not that I have a tv to watch it on anyway!

It shouldn’t be too bad, because Shijiazhuang has become my home, and we have begun the irresponsible spending of money which is so typical of Christmas in the UK! Last night a whole bunch of people went to a cocktail bar, there were Christmas jumpers, good friends and alcohol all together. And that’s what Christmas is about really, spending time with friends. Preferably friends with good cameras like Jonathan!





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