Bangkok – Phuket – Koh Lanta 

After been bitten to death in Bangkok the next day we flew to Phuket to continue our adventures. Getting a taxi to use the meter to the airport was unexpectedly stressful, but eventually our bags and us were on our way! After the flight we got a bus to near our hostel. Not a regular journey but a typical Asian journey, more people than seats, no clear instruction on when we actually had to get off and no approximate journey time. So after an unspecified amount of time we were at the last sto and presumed it was time to depart!

Following the instructions from our hostel we found it pretty easily. Because we got there quite late and were leaving early in the morning for the ferry we’d decided to stay at a hostel near the pier. As a result there wasn’t much around, but after wandering the streets we found a local place that sold the absolute best pad Thai in the world. It was also the only place we went that didn’t speak English much!

Up early for the ferry we got caught up in mayhem at the pier, and worried that we were going to miss the ferry we paid quite a lot more than the way back. Naturally at this point my backpack broke and gave me a nice bruise on my arm to add to the bug bites on my forehead! The ferry itself was fine, they put Mr Bean on for people to watch and after changing ferries at Koh Phi Phi we finally got to our island around midday.

  The rest of the day was spent settling into our Time for Lime bungalow, swimming, sunbathing and relaxing. It was the start of a great week!


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