I’ve got plenty of Time for Lime!

Trust me the title is very funny! Our first few days on a Thai island were spent in the lovely Time for Lime bungalows on Klong Dao beach. The bungalows were right next to the beach and it took less than a minute to be walking along the sand. Time for lime had rescue card all over the place which were very friendly, maybe too friendly for me at breakfast time! The staff were all lovely and it was a great place to spend a few days.

One of the things Time for Lime is famous for is its cooking courses. Since we had quickly fallen in love with Thai food we eagerly signed up for one. Our chef was Noi and fabulous! The cooking course took up an entire evening, beginning with lots of information about the various ingredients common in Thai cooking. I learnt that the freshness of the ingredients is key to having good food, and that you should never add lime juice when the food is on the heat. Helpfully we were given a handout with recipes and key information on it (not sure where it is right now but it is somewhere)!

After the snack it was time to start cooking! Unsurprisingly perhaps one of the first things I did was drop the huge knife on the floor, with incredible reflexes I managed to jump out of the way before any toes left my feet! Thai cooking involves a lot of preparation but once that is done it is relatively quick to make the meals. We made our own curry paste and had to use the pestle and mortar ‘like good wives’. The story goes that Thai men would go up to their prospective brides house and listen for the sound of them cooking. If they were using the pestle and mortar correctly he would hear and be happy with his choice. Again, unsuprisingly I am not a good wife!!


After cooking we finally ate!! Since we all cooked our own meals, I was able to make it as spicy (or not) as I wanted! And I must say, though I couldn’t get the rice to look all pretty, I made some damn tasty food!


At the end of the evening we got to keep our aprons and me and Charlotte managed a photo with Noi who emailed me some tips about Chiang Mai.

All in all Time for Lime was a great place to relax with cats, hammocks and cocktails!


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