Getting lost on purpose

Yes it was on purpose and not just because I got a bit confused! This post returns to my Spring Festival adventures around Thailand, so lets pick up where I left off – being a lone ranger.

Since I knew I was going to spend the second half of my trip on my lonesome, I thought that the easiest way to do it would be to ease myself in and spend another day in Bangkok before flying North to Chiang Mai. It turned out that this was a great decision, as it meant that I could see more of the capital, be by myself but know how to get around and where I was based, and not feel like I was being rushed to see everything when I first got there. As it happens we’d accidentally had a late night watching a movie in the common room, so the ability to sleep in and not bother anyone was pretty luxurious! I went to what had become our usual place for breakfast – i’m sure the staff looked funnily at me for being by myself and not with Charlotte and Elijah – and decided that I’d head in the rough direction of the Siam Museum and see what was around there. It meant travelling on the train and on a ferry, but again because I’d already been in the city I wasn’t worried. I was confused however when a man approached me and started talking to me in French, even after I assured him I was English! So although my boss here and most people agree I have a very ‘English’ face, according to this man I was French looking! He only started speaking English once he heard my very bad French.

Flower market!

Anyway! A journey later I got off the ferry and immediately started wandering around the markety type place which was around the dock. Once I’d found the road and looked at the map I headed in the direction of the museum. Along the way I got distracted by a flower market and lots of little shops which I promised to return to later – I didn’t want to go into the museum with shopping bags. Finding the actual museum as difficult though. I knew I was on the right street but didn’t realise it was down a side street and ended up walking up and down a good few times. Since it was now around midday it was boiling hot and the nearby school was starting to let its children out it was started to get crowded on the streets, but I eventually saw a sign for the museum and headed in. Like most people I interacted with in Thailand, the staff spoke very good English and I was soon sat down waiting for a video presentation on the history of the people of Thailand.


On the whole, the museum was very good. I spent a good couple of hours wandering around and learning about Thailand’s history and culture and it genuinely helped me understand the country a little more. The museum wasn’t that busy so it was really peaceful and I really enjoyed myself. At one point I found myself being dressed up in traditional Thai clothing and had a Chinese family gawping at me at the same time which was hilarious. I did love the outfit though and it was really comfortable – I started walking off with the headband on until the staff stopped me! After exploring the museum for a few hours and gaining another wristband to add to my collection, I had a late lunch in the cafe on  site before wandering back towards the shops I’d promised to go in earlier. Heading back to the hostel, via an insanely crowded ferry and very friendly Chinese family, I got off the train a little early and wandered around a fancy mall in search of the a selfie stick to replace the one I’d lost in Kantiang Bay. Sadly the mall was too posh to sell such items so I ended up getting a haircut since the ends were becoming atrocious!! Feeling fancy with my new hair (but wishing I’d wore makeup) I splurged on a sushi dinner and went back to pack before my flight the next day.


I’m so fancy….


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