A night out in Shijiazhuang..

So last weekend the 42 crew experienced one of the most random and hilarious nights out yet! It all began on another night out where Thandie left her jacket in the back of the car…

Skipping forward we arranged to go for a barbecue dinner with the men whose car it was in order to get it back. At 8.00 we were ready and waiting to be whisked away to a fancier barbecue place than the one on our street. Worryingly, there was no sign of the jacket and as it turns out, the man who had it couldn’t make dinner!! But still we got to eat really good meat sticks and chicken washed down with plenty of beer, or baiju for the gluten free amongst us. Julian was our translator as usual and at one point the owner came over to drink with us and take pictures.

After a fairly ordinary meal we headed back home and things started to get interesting. Me Sam and Julian got driven (in a Mercedes!) home but then the Chinese man whose car it was told us the other car was going to a club. After calling the others and confirming, we hopped back in and went to a fancy club. When we got there the driver left and rode away on a bike he’d folded up and put in the boot! Whilst we waited for the others, the djs started a conga line and then threw ¥1 notes into the crowd.

The others then arrived and we started dancing, but we had to share the dancefloor with a little girl who was loving life! We were all conflicted as to whether to judge or not since she seemed to be loving life.

After dancing a bit we were mysteriously led into a room with other Chinese men and 2 women we are convinced were prostitutes. Turns out it was ktv! Happily I have no photos of this section of the night since it descended into very strange party games involving tissues and cigarettes.

Once we’d all got a bit tired the party broke up and we were driven home via street food dumplings at 3.30am underneath a busy road. Very strange end to a very strange night.


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